In this age of the "Internet of Things" everything from your phone, to your clothes, cars and appliances is smart. Shouldn't your seed be smart, too?

Good decisions are driven by good data. That's why we offer Farmacology, our proprietary collection of research, resources and tools, which help dealers and growers achieve maximum value for their seed investment. It's our unparalleled service before and after the sale; it's what differentiates us from the competition. With Legend, you're not just getting a bag of seed. You're getting a complete seed system.

We are continually updating and evaluating our Farmacology offerings to bring you the best products and services available in the industry. Learn more about what's in our current toolkit and how these components can bring you the most bang for your buck.

"See your farm in a whole new light"

Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P)

The foundation of our Farmacology offerings is our research program: L.E.A.P. Our three full-time research staff members use L.E.A.P. to discover, research and select high-end genetics for both technology-enhanced, as well as conventionally based, products that will consistently deliver the highest value to growers.

With 35,000 replicated plots across seven locations, nearly 6,500 hybrids are researched annually. Only the best become Legend products. We introduce 20-30 new products to serve you better annually.

Products are evaluated against proven Legend Seeds leaders and must pass the test on yield, plant health, plant integrity and disease tolerance to earn their way into our lineup.

Soil Analysis

Through our partnership with Frontier Labs, a full-platform precision agriculture data provider, you have access to an in-house soil lab to examine your soil health, giving you valuable insights on the makeup of your ground.

For more information, contact a sales representative near you.

Knowledge Plots

These showcase plots are where we determine the value of new technologies, treatments and agronomic practices for our customers. This gives dealers and growers the opportunity to get up close and personal with our product lineup and see firsthand how various inputs and planting conditions affect yield. We test everything from planting populations, planting depth and row width to seed treatments and herbicide and insecticide treatments. Plots are customized for each local area. Check out our events page to find a Knowledge Plot near you!

Legend Edge

Legend Edge is our cloud-based software designed to help dealers work side-by-side with customers to create field-specific hybrid recommendations, variable-rate seeding and cutting edge prescriptive multi-hybrid seeding plans. While other companies offer similar services, with the Legend Edge you, the grower, retain ownership of all your data.

Agronomic Support

Perhaps our most unique and valuable Farmacology resource is our people. With 10 agronomy and research staff members and a network of nearly 500 dedicated and educated dealers, you're never alone in making growing decisions. Our team of local experts is ready to walk you through any of our Farmacology offerings to provide solutions and recommendations that protect your seed investment and ensure maximum success.