Agronomy Alert: Harvest Update for Oct. 5, 2018

Our dedicated team delivers expertise to Legend dealers and growers through local, tailored support. As a team, we are focused only on our customers and their success. The right seed, at the right time, in the right place. At harvest time, that means keeping you in the loop on progress throughout our footprint.

  • Iowa update from Mike Knight, Research and Technical Agronomist: Weather has plagued all areas of Iowa. Too much rain has delayed combining, less than 10 percent of the crop has been harvested. In many places corn harvest started because of the stalk rot damages, but quickly halted. Some soybean harvest was started but also halted due to excessive rains. For more information, email Mike.
  • Minnesota update from Jeffrey Sorenson, Sales Agronomist: Minnesota crops haven’t changed much in the last week with the widespread rain and clouds. However, this has allowed us to take some corn out and in many cases we are surprised by how dry the corn is. Again, with the wind Wednesday we are continuing to see stalk issues and I encourage everyone to keep assessing fields and prioritize harvest. For more information, email Jeffrey.
  • Nebraska update from Dave Olson, Account Manager: Throughout Nebraska, silage cutting and most earlage harvest is complete. The harvest of high moisture corn for feed is 85 percent complete, with rapid corn dry down despite periodic rain delays challenging livestock feeders to complete harvest before grain moisture gets too low to meet desired feed quality standards. Corn harvest for dry grain is well underway, leaving total corn acres harvested in the range of 20 to 25 percent complete. With the exception of hail damaged acres, corn yields are mostly higher than expected with some farms harvesting their best yields ever. Nebraska soybean harvest is 25 to 30 percent complete with RM 2.0 - 2.4 beans completely harvested and most RM of 2.7 and up needing a little more time to reach ideal harvest moisture. Like corn, the soybean yields are above average except where hail damaged the crop. For more information, email Dave.
  • North Dakota update from Mike Tofsrud, Sales Agronomist: Soybean harvest is still going along well. I’m still hearing about some decent yields for the year we had. The weather outlook over the weekend looks like it’s going to slow harvest down pretty good. I have been hearing some reports of a few growers dipping into their corn where there have been some standability issues. Overall, not much corn harvesting has been done yet as growers have been trying to focus on getting beans off as soon as possible. For more information, email Mike.
  • South Dakota update from Nick Brandenburg, Sales Agronomist: Thursday’s frost is sure to speed the drying process of our crops, but the coming forecast will make harvest very difficult. One of the trends in my recent conversations is that farmers are very surprised by the low moisture on their corn. If you haven’t checked your fields, don’t be afraid to switch the combine to corn if your beans aren’t quite ready. For more information, email Nick.
  • Wisconsin update from Jacob Andrle, Sales Agronomist: Grain harvest in Wisconsin is off to a slow start. Silage harvest is wrapping up across the state. Corn harvest is 5 to 10 percent done with good test weights and above average yields being seen. Soybean acres harvested are about even with the corn, with yields running above average in many areas. Yields on corn and soybeans in the areas that missed the rains in late July and August are running slightly below average by about 15 to 20 percent. When the weather breaks into a favorable pattern, harvest will be in full swing. For more information, email Jake.

If you have questions, please contact your local Legend Seeds agronomist for guidance. We are here to help!

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