Agronomy Alert: Planting Update for Friday, June 1, 2018

Our dedicated team delivers expertise to Legend dealers and growers through local, tailored support. As a team, we are focused only on our customers and their success. The right seed, at the right time, in the right place. At planting time, that means keeping you in the loop on progress throughout our footprint.

  • Iowa Update from Mike Knight, Research and Technical Agronomist: Over the past week, I’ve observed south central, southwest, central, and northern Iowa. In those areas, the corn is 100 percent planted. Soybeans are mostly all planted, but there is still about 5 percent left to plant in central Iowa due to excess moisture. There is an awful lot of replant taking place in the southwest part of the state because of hail that came through on Tuesday night. Planting is wrapping up pretty well as a whole.
  • Michigan update from Terry Schulz, Account Manager: In portions of southern Michigan, remnants of tropical storm Alberto came in on Wednesday evening, adding to the already wet conditions across the area. South of Interstate-96, what was planted is getting replanted. Michigan is well behind on planting compared to the rest of the country, and due to the extreme wet conditions, soybean emergence has been delayed. North of Interstate-96, farmers have made significant progress. Mid-Michigan is near completion on corn planting and is making significant progress on the completion of soybeans this week.
  • Minnesota update from Jeffrey Sorenson, Sales Agronomist: Minnesota is all but done planting, and the crops are progressing nicely. Post emerge spraying has started on early planted corn, which is in the V3 to V4 stage. Now is a great time to walk fields, evaluate planter performance, and compare each hybrid’s emergence.
  • Nebraska Update from Dave Olson, Account Manager: Overall, things are looking pretty good. Planting in southern Nebraska is complete. In the northeast and north central parts of the state, corn is 99 percent completed, and soybeans are 80 percent complete. Moving into western Nebraska, sunflower planting is now underway.
  • North Dakota update from Mike Tofsrud, Sales Agronomist: North Dakota planting progress has been rolling along on schedule, and most growers are on their last stretch of soybeans. There has been some more talk and interest in getting sunflowers in the ground, especially in the western half of the state. Emergence looks pretty good among all crops for the most part. We had some storms roll through Wednesday night that dropped hail in some areas. All in all, good progress has been made.
  • South Dakota update from Matthew Petersen, Account Manager: Eastern South Dakota is mostly done with corn, and as a whole, about a third of the way done with soybeans. Many acres of both corn and soybeans went in over the long holiday weekend!
  • Wisconsin update from Jacob Andrle, Account Manager: Planting in most areas of Wisconsin is wrapping up with more than 95 percent of corn planted and more than 80 percent of soybeans planted. Southern Wisconsin has more soybean acres to plant than the rest of the state. First hay crop is in full swing, and some corn may be planted in those fields where alfalfa stands were not sufficient. With the end of planting coming soon, now is the perfect time to walk fields and scout for weed and insect pressure so that timely applications can be made.

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