Agronomy Alert: Planting Update for Friday, May 11, 2018

Our dedicated team delivers expertise to Legend dealers and growers through local, tailored support. As a team, we are focused only on our customers and their success. The right seed, at the right time, in the right place. At planting time, that means keeping you in the loop on progress throughout our footprint. Across the seven-state region, the message from our agronomists is clear and consistent: take time to check and make sure soil temps are above 50°F and conditions are not too wet below the soil surface before planting. A few days can really make the difference. Yes, it’s May, but let’s be patient!

  • Iowa Update from Mike Knight, Sales Agronomist: This week has shown considerable progress in corn planting compared to last week from 40% to 70%. Central to southeastern areas are nearly completed ranging from 65% to 90% and great progress in soybean planting. Northwest and central Iowa are moving along at a rapid pace, with areas to the northwest still trying to recover from last Tuesday’s heavy rain. Southwest areas with corn planting south of highway 30 are nearly completed with a few fields in the very western regions still too wet to plant. Soybean planting progress is well under way in the southeastern and southwestern areas with about 15% to 20% in the ground. All planting has come to an abrupt stop with heavy rains late Thursday and Friday.
  • Michigan update from Terry Schulz, Account Manager: With cooler temperatures and wet weather today into the weekend, planting will be coming to a standstill temporarily. Approximately 40% of the corn is in and growers are just getting started on the beans with approximately 20% of beans planted. Northern Michigan remains wet with little planting progress.
  • Minnesota update from Jeffrey Sorenson, Sales Agronomist: Minnesota planting took a big leap the first few days this week, and spotty rains on Tuesday stopped most planters. With rain in the forecast this Friday, it is becoming tempting to push wet conditions, but whatever we gain from planting even a week or two sooner can be sacrificed by planting when it is too wet.
  • Nebraska Update from Dave Olson, Sales Agronomist: Southern Nebraska corn planting is near completion and soybeans are 70% planted. Northern Nebraska has 75% of corn planted and 60% of soybeans planted.
  • North Dakota update from Mike Tofsrud, Sales Agronomist: In the last week, many growers throughout the state have made good planting progress. There were a few areas that caught some rain which slowed field work up for a day or two. With the decent planting weather, some have mentioned going back to corn from wheat. Looking ahead at the forecast it looks to be promising for good planting weather. Should see bean planting pick up over the weekend and into next week.
  • South Dakota update from Sean McGraw, Sales Agronomist: Planting is very sporadic across South Dakota. The southern portion of the state has been going strong on corn and getting started on beans. East central South Dakota is still waiting for fields to dry and many growers have yet to get in the field. Northern South Dakota has been getting a little work done, hopping between corn and beans, going wherever they can. Central and western South Dakota has a good share of the corn in and some have a good start on beans already and we could use some rain to get the crop off to a good start.
  • Wisconsin update from Jacob Andrle, Sales Agronomist: Corn planters were rolling all over the state this week. As a whole, about 25-30% of corn acres and 5-10% of soybean acres are planted in the state. Southern Wisconsin is ahead of most of the state, while the central and northern part of the state are just beginning.

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