Agronomy Alert: Planting Update for Friday, May 4, 2018

Our dedicated team delivers expertise to Legend dealers and growers through local, tailored support. As a team, we are focused only on our customers and their success. The right seed, at the right time, in the right place. At planting time, that means keeping you in the loop on progress throughout our footprint. Across the seven-state region, the message from our agronomists is clear and consistent: take time to check and make sure soil temps are above 50°F and conditions are not too wet below the soil surface before planting. A few days can really make the difference. Yes, it’s May, but let’s be patient!

  • Iowa Update from Mike Knight, Sales Agronomist: About 70% of the corn has been planted in southeast Iowa and some growers have started on soybeans. In the northwest, central, and southwest about 50% of the corn has been planted, but there is very little progress in planting soybeans. Heavy rains brought the western side of the state to a halt on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
  • Michigan update from Terry Schulz, Account Manager: Approximately 20% of the corn is in the ground, it’s been a slow start. The last two days we have had some rain. That will shut us down until late in the weekend. In the north, there was still snow on the ground as of two days ago. There’s a huge difference in the northern part of the state and the southern part at this time.
  • Minnesota update from Jeffrey Sorenson, Sales Agronomist: Much of Minnesota still has frost in the ground at the two to three-foot depth. Central MN is in the best condition right now while southern Minnesota is still fighting the snow and rain from two weeks ago. Some progress has been made on wheat and sugar beet planting, but virtually nothing on corn or soybeans as of now.
  • Nebraska Update from Dave Olson, Sales Agronomist: Planting progress is very sporadic. Southeast Nebraska has had 10 days of nearly uninterrupted planting. Most of central Nebraska didn’t get started until last Friday, April 27. This week, north of the interstate has had rain interruptions. Northeast Nebraska has only had a few days of ideal planting conditions so far.
  • North Dakota update from Mike Tofsrud, Sales Agronomist: In the last two weeks it looks like spring is finally here to stay in North Dakota. Traveling the last couple days in the northern part of the state guys are going pretty good right now getting fertilizer applied and planting wheat. Some will start corn toward the end of the week in the north part of the state. The southern part of the state is a bit behind due to extra moisture they received this winter.
  • South Dakota update from Sean McGraw, Sales Agronomist: Soils have taken a long time to warm and dry out from our recent snowstorms. Corn planters are going in the southern half of the state up to the Flandreau and Madison area. Central, western, and northern South Dakota have some small grains going in and look to get started early next week.
  • Wisconsin update from Jacob Andrle, Sales Agronomist: The western and southern part of the state had a few planters rolling this week, while the northern and eastern part of the state are slightly behind because of the late April snowstorm. Fields that had fall tillage are ahead of no-till fields in terms of soil temperature.

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