Agronomy Alert: In-Season Update for Sept. 7, 2018

Our dedicated team delivers expertise to Legend dealers and growers through local, tailored support. As a team, we are focused only on our customers and their success. The right seed, at the right time, in the right place. During the growing season, that means keeping you in the loop on progress throughout our footprint.

  • Iowa update from Mike Knight, Research and Technical Agronomist: Most if not nearly all soybeans are within three weeks of harvesting. Many of the plants are at least 25 percent defoliated. Much of the corn has started to turn brown, ears are tipped downward, and black layers are close if not already turned. Harvest will be early this year as the drier cooler weather approaches. Corn yields appear to be less than last year because of later plantings and heavy rain diluting fertility levels. August rains helped to increase the soybean yields. Many look very promising. For more information, email Mike.
  • Minnesota update from Jeffrey Sorenson, Sales Agronomist: This past week both corn and soybeans have started to turn, and harvest is right around the corner. Silage chopping is in full swing in southern and central Minnesota, which means we are only a couple weeks from full grain harvest. As the season has progressed we are seeing a big difference in the corn that had fungicide applied to it. It has also been exciting to look at the number of pods we are seeing on all soybeans this year, as well as how big the pods are. For more information, email Jeffrey.
  • North Dakota update from Mike Tofsrud, Sales Agronomist: Harvest is starting early on soybeans in some areas across the state. Some early reports are better than expected yields, especially in areas where it was really dry late July into August. One caution is to watch how quickly they are maturing. The seed itself is drying down very quickly. Ideal harvest moisture is around 13%. On corn, many areas are rapidly reaching maturity. A lot of silage is being cut as well. As with soybeans, keep an eye on moisture levels to minimize harvest loss. There has been anthracnose showing up, so monitor those fields and be ready to harvest them as soon as possible to minimize standability issues. For more information, email Mike.
  • South Dakota update from Nick Brandenburg, Sales Agronomist: The progression of South Dakota’s crops should lead to a very timely harvest. Earlier planted corn is reaching black layer, and silage choppers are getting into the fields in many areas. Many soybeans continue to fill pods, while some begin to drop leaves. Prepare for harvest now. Being able to remove crops in a timely manner will reduce harvest loss and put more bushels in your bin. For more information, email Nick.
  • Wisconsin update from Jacob Andrle, Sales Agronomist: All crops are ahead of schedule. With the recent rainfall, many leaf and stock diseases are showing in corn. Timely harvest may be in effect in fields this fall. Soybeans are in R6 stage with some fields turning and dropping leaves. Corn silage harvest should be in full swing next week. For more information, email Jake.

If you have questions, please contact your local Legend Seeds agronomist for guidance. We are here to help!

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