The Farmacology Approach: Agronomic Confidence

At Legend Seeds, we have a different way of treating acres and maximizing yields for your operation. Powered by Legend Seeds, the Farmacology approach brings value to your seed investment through four key components: agronomic confidence, locally proven products, data insights, and our dealer advantage. In this post we'll focus on the Agronomic Confidence component to see what we offer that can assist in strengthening your farming operation: (1) answers from our agronomy team, (2) Dairy & Livestock Initiative, and (3) proper hybrid placement.

1. Answers from our Agronomy Team: Our agronomists draw from vast experience in local growing conditions to give you confidence to meet whatever challenges come each year. In South Dakota, local agronomist Sean McGraw said, “I enjoy my role as an agronomist helping producers and farmers with their success throughout the season, every year is different. We have a great team in place to help you handle agronomic needs from seed selection to walking fields in-season.” McGraw is a graduate from South Dakota State University, where he studied agronomy with a specialization in pest management. He has several years of experience in assisting customers with agronomy in South Dakota.

Plus, in partnership with our agronomy team we offer industry leading, practical insights through our numerous resources:

2. Dairy & Livestock Initiative: Our specially-trained team can help improve the feedstuffs in your Total Mixed Ration, improving your feed quality through tailor-made products and information. Jordan Thull, Dairy and Livestock Team member, is positioned in South Dakota to assist dealers and growers with products and services to help maximize forage and silage quality. Across every crop and feedstuff, Legend Seeds has a livestock specific product that will help your operation reach it’s goal. Our product offerings paired with our grower support will provide you with the best return on investment.

Leafy Silage Corn: Our leafy silage products offer traited options paired with increased digestibility through the leafy gene. Leafy silage hybrids have five to seven percent more starch digestibility than dual-purpose or grain hybrids.

Legend Next Generation Silage: In 2013, we were the first seed company to introduce the Floury gene to the marketplace in our Legend Next Generation hybrids; increasing starch digestibility by 10-12 percent. The addition of the Floury genetics to the already available Leafy silage hybrids created a dream hybrid for silage situations: Leafy and Floury!

3. Proper Hybrid Placement: The Legend Seeds Account Managers and Agronomists are all well-trained to help you identify the best hybrid or variety for your acres. The importance of this cannot be understated and we strive to pair the right product on the right field for your success.

These three areas make up the Agronomic Confidence component within Farmacology. We have a clear mission; to deliver high-yielding, consistent-producing, top-quality seed products that will provide our customers with more profit potential than they can get anywhere else. Our Farmacology approach provides our customers with the tools and resources they need to be successful, adding value to your seed investment. When you choose to partner with Legend Seeds, you’re getting more that just a bag of seed. We provide you with confidence from planting to harvest … and every moment in between.



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