The Farmacology Approach: Dealer Advantage

Are you tired of seedsmen that offer you a bag of corn in the fall and don’t return until the following fall? At Legend Seeds, we have a different approach to treating acres and maximizing yields on your operation. Powered by Legend Seeds, the Farmacology™ approach brings value to your seed investment through four key components: agronomic confidence, locally proven products, data insights, and our dealer advantage.

The Legend Dealer Advantage for our Growers

The fourth key component to the Farmacology approach is our Dealer Advantage. Our dealers serve their customers with the same mindset as a local partner to your operation. We believe that your local dealer is the best person to recommend products for your field and your operation. Plus, when you work with a local Legend Seeds dealer you have quick access to seed and seed treatment when every day counts in planting season. In addition to your local dealer, you’ll also have access to your entire Legend Seeds team. This allows us to quickly and accurately provide support across any level of our business.

Considering a seed dealership?

If you’re considering adding a dealership to your farm or business, we are interested in meeting with you about this great opportunity. Our vision statement says it all,

“We help our dealers, help their growers.” It starts with your dedicated team that includes: an Account Manager, Account Specialist, Agronomist, and Regional Manager. They each contribute to developing your business across every level. Plus, this is the same team that helps ensure that your customers have everything they need, too! Our expansive resources will also aid in your success:

  • Smart Access: Gives you up-to-the-hour online access to your statement and seed availability for online bookings.
  • AgCelerate: Easy to use, online submission for grower technology agreement forms.
  • Trip Rewards: Each year, dealers who qualify can travel and enjoy an earned rewards trip to a beach-front location.
  • Sales Materials: Our marketing team provides you with print and digital sales tools to support and enhance your business; social media, The Advantage Newsletter, Agronomic White Papers, website, blog, and sales materials.
  • Custom Product Guide Builder: This new feature found here makes it possible to custom-build a product guide with your contact info and logo to showcase the tech sheets of the key products for your area. This enables you to create a customized guide with recommendations and plot data for individual growers.
  • Legend Online Brand Store: Our online brand store provides access and easy payment for any promotional items you need to support your business and events.
  • Training Events: Throughout the year we host dealer kickoffs, plot tours, and training webinars to help build your confidence in the Legend Seeds story and product lineup.
  • Seed Matrix: Yield data delivered to your fingertips across our entire farm trial program, year after year, and comparisons against competing seed company products.

Our Mission:

We have a clear mission; to deliver high-yielding, consistent-producing, top-quality seed products that will provide our customers with more profit potential than they can get anywhere else. Our Farmacology approach provides our customers with the tools and resources they need to be successful, adding value to you and your customer’s seed investment. Plus, we help our dealers grow and be as successful as possible in their goals. When you choose to partner with Legend Seeds, you’re getting more that just a bag of seed. We will provide you with confidence from planting to harvest … and every moment in between.

If you're interest in learning more, click here to find a Legend Seeds representative near you.

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