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Happy New Year! We are very excited about agriculture and planning for success in 2018. Every year, we make resolutions and commitments on what we want to do better for the coming year compared to previous years. At Legend Seeds, we are committed to continuing the good things and improving on everything we do to make sure our growers and dealers always receive a world class experience. We know how important great products, great people, and great customer service is to the success of your operation. We know that value, and therefore profit, comes not just in the price of the input, but also the price and production of the acres that you have. So, at the end of the season, next fall, we want the Legend Seeds products to make you more money per acre than the competition’s. That doesn’t happen during planting, that happens only at harvest. We are and will continue to be an independent seed company. This allows us to focus 100 percent on customer results and not worry about where our share price is on the New York Stock Exchange. Our only goal and our only measure of success is your success. That is what we are committed to for 2018 and beyond. Wishing you and your family a blessed and profitable 2018.

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