Legend Seeds is a regional seed & biological company focused in the upper Midwest. We are fiercely independent and focus on serving and supporting family farmers who value extraordinary product choice and locally researched advice to thrive in a rapidly changing world. We are committed to the success of our dealers and growers by delivering convenience, profitability, and value.

One Source For Your Seed & Biological Needs

Legend Seeds is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our customers through three pillars: convenience, profitability, and value. We do this through our multi-brand strategy, focused on meeting the demand of our customers and not the demand of stakeholders.


  1. We collaborate with every genetic and trait provider possible to identify the best products available in the industry to deliver you and your customers more profit potential.
  2. We evaluate both seed and seed enhancement products to become experts in positioning and placement for the greatest ROI to the grower.
  3. Products are backed with a high degree of service and information to ensure customers have a positive experience.
  4. We have broadened our portfolio to offer biologicals, seed treatments and other solutions that enhance crop performance, increasing grower profitability.
  5. At the end of the day, GROWER RESULTS matter more than brand.