Experience Complete Protection on Your Investment with FREE REPLANTS.  It's That Simple.

Entrusting us with your most important investment is not something we take lightly. That is why we are pleased to announce our FREE REPLANT policy on all corn and treated soybeans sold by Legend Seeds for FY24.

When you experience a need to replant corn or treated soybeans purchased from Legend Seeds due to poor stand establishment or natural causes Legend Seeds will furnish the seed for FREE .

Give your soybeans the best opportunity

Treat your soybeans with any one (or more) of the treatments listed below to qualify for FREE REPLANTS on your soybeans including the treatment applied.

Qualifying Soybean Treatments:

  • Contains Sembolite™ to encourage strong root development and plant growth. You see earlier and more uniform emergence leading to a yield benefit.
  • Insecticide to protect your plants at emergence and provide activity on soybean aphids.
  • Three fungicides to deliver the broadest spectrum control.
  • Systemic movement for optimal protection from root to leaf tips.

  • Excellent systemic control of four main seedling diseases, including: Phytophthora Root Rot, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Fusarium.
  • Three fungicides for broad-spectrum protection

Soyfx is a specific, unique combination of identified and tested microbials that elicit a positive crop response. It unlocks the plant’s ability to produce growth regulators and metabolites that enhance production through biosynthetic pathway efficiencies.

  • Increased total leaf area & yield potential
  • Stronger stems & more branching
  • Enhanced pod set & larger beans
  • Improved ability to withstand stress

Visit our Seed Treatments page to learn more.

Free replant details & exceptions:

  • Corn and treated soybeans (with one or more of the qualified treatments listed below) sold by Legend Seeds qualify.

    - Additional treatments and biologicals that are add-ons do not qualify.

  • Qualified replants will be determined using Legend’s established replant process. Before replant seed is issued, a replant report must be completed by a Legend Seeds representative and returned to the Legend Seeds office.
  • Free replants apply toward the first replant only.
  • Legend Seeds will make the best attempt to provide the same product for replant as the customer originally planted. However, substitutions based on seed availability on some products may be necessary.
  • Replants must be planted within the same crop year as originally planted.
  • Replant seed requests will be honored until July 15, 2024. Legend Seeds will not honor FREE REPLANTS on seed that was planted before the crop insurance earliest planting date.

  • Grower must have a current technology number to qualify.

  • Double crop units do not apply.

  • In the event of extraordinary circumstances such as extreme insect pressure, weather, or other acts of nature over a wide geographic area, Legend Seeds shall consider this a Force Majeure event and reserves the right to modify the free replant offer.


For more information or to secure your peace of mind with Legend Seeds, contact us today!