Choice Matters

Offering a Broad Selection of Traits & Technologies to Fit Your Acres

As an employee-owned, independent, regional seed leader, we take pride in putting the needs of our customers first. That means providing high-yielding, consistent producing, top-quality products that will provide our customers with more profit potential than they can get anywhere else. We don’t answer to shareholders, we answer to you. This is why we offer unsurpassed access to all of the leading traits, genetics, and innovative technologies in the industry to provide you with the choices you need without limitations.

Locally Proven Products

We invest in local testing and have conducted more than 94,150 replicated corn trials since 2014.  Products must earn their way in to our lineup by providing a proven track record, fulfilling a need, & most importantly, proving their profit potential.  Legend Seeds offers more choices because your growing environment needs something different than what is required in the next county. Our extensive lineup helps you place the right seed on the right acres.

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