1. Our vision is to empower our dealers to better serve their growers, offering not only exceptional seeds but also innovative biological products.
  2. Located in a small rural community, Legend Seeds maintains a deep connection with the heart of agriculture. This proximity keeps us attuned to what truly matters to our customers.
  3. At Legend, you're valued as an individual, not just a number in a ledger. We understand the importance of personal treatment and ensure that every interaction reflects that understanding.
  4. Our distinctive multi-brand approach, coupled with our focus on biological solutions, offers an expansive range of products, leading to greater profit potential for our dealers. Partnering with Legend Seeds means you gain access to:
  • Yield-enhancing biological products that nurture and protect crops

  • Unique and diverse genetics tailored to various agricultural needs

  • Industry-leading trait options for superior crop performance

  • State-of-the-art seed treatment technologies for enhanced growth and resilience

  • Join us in our commitment to innovative and sustainable agriculture. With Legend Seeds, you're not just a dealer; you're a partner in advancing agricultural success.

Simply put, our success is your success.



As one of the larger independent seed companies in the U.S., we have reputable relationships across the seed industry offering a multi-brand strategy that delivers convenience, profitability, & value all under one company.

location pin.png  LOCALLY PROVEN

We invest in local testing. From seed to biologicals, we test and validate what we sell & where we sell it, to ensure we are offering proven solutions that will maximize profitability on your acres.

  TRUSTED PARTNERhand shake.png

Our top priority is our dealers’ success, not corporate investors or venture capital funds. We are committed to building trust and lasting relationships.

People icons.png  TEAM APPROACH

Our dedicated team delivers expertise to Legend dealers to help their growers through local, tailored support. You have access to top management to support you in all areas of your business.


Legend Seeds provides a number of unique tools and resources to support your business:

  • YieldMaster Solutions Biologicals: As a Legend Seeds dealer you have access to a unique portfolio of innovative biological solutions with a proven track record of performance. Biologicals can be used to add value to your operation, differentiate your product offerings, increase ROI for the grower, and bring you an even higher earning potential.
  • Sales Programs & Financing: Each year we offer competitive cash discounts, great sales programs and competitive financing through John Deere Financial and First Mid Bank & Trust to aid your sales efforts.
  • Seedware: Manage your business online 24/7
  • AgCelerate: Easy to use, online submission for grower technology agreement forms.
  • Sales Materials: Our marketing team provides you with print and digital sales tools to support and enhance your business, including social media, agronomy bulletins, and sales materials.
  • Custom Product Guide Builder: Create a personalized guide to include your favorite Legend products that fit your geography
  • Legend Online Brand Store: Our online brand store provides access and easy payment for any promotional items you need to support your business and events.
  • Training Events: Throughout the year we host dealer kickoffs, plot tours, and training webinars to help build your confidence in the Legend Seeds story and product lineup.

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