Where are the Legend Seeds headquarters?

You won't find us a in a metropolitan area with a six digit population. Legend Seeds has local roots that run deep in De Smet, South Dakota (population 1,062). We're located right on the south side of Highway 14 on your way into town. We are proud to be operating in the founders' hometown 26 years after they founded the company in their garage a few blocks away. Our office area is 7,000 square feet. We installed state of the art corn burners to heat the buildings and they provide 95% of our heat in the cold Dakota winters. Additionally, we have a 1,000+ seed lab where production research is completed and over 17,000 square feet of storage in our warehouse. At peak capacity, we can store 80,000 units of corn.

What is your mailing address & phone number?

Legend Seeds
PO Box 241
De Smet, SD 57231

Toll Free: 800-678-3346
Phone: 605-854-3346
Fax: 605-854-3135

What is Legend Seeds' footprint?

If it is cold and windy we're there! We have sales representatives in: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

How do I find a Legend Seeds sales representative near me?

It's your lucky day, friend! We've designed this whole portion of the site just for you. Please enter your zip code here and a handy list of the closest representatives and their profiles will be delivered instantly to your fingertips. How's that for good service?

I'm looking to expand my farm income. How can I become a Legend dealer?

We thought you'd never ask! Learn more about applying to be a Legend Seeds dealer by visiting our Become a Dealer page.

How do I find out about job opportunities at Legend?

Jump right over to our Work For Legend page. We are constantly accepting resumes as our doors are always open for the right person with the right skill set.

Why should I buy from Legend Seeds?

Well, to truly answer that fantastic question, we'd have to ask you a few questions about your soil, your operation and your needs. Because we don't sell seed just to sell it. We carefully pair the right seed with the right soil. Plus, we're here for the long haul with sales programs and a suite of tools that help you improve your entire farming operation.

Plus, we're an independent, employee-owned seed company that was born and raised in the Midwest. If doing business with a small, family-first company means something to you, we might be a great match for your farming operation. We strive to provide high-yielding, consistent-producing, top-quality products to our customers. We have access to every trait in the marketplace today and our customer service is fantastic. Seriously, visit our testimonials page for some proof!

What type of products do you sell?

Similar to the farms in most of the Midwest, corn and soybeans are our bread and butter. But, we've specialized with some fantastic, state-of-the-art sunflower, alfalfa, sorghum, winter wheat, specialty products, and biologicals to meet the needs of our customers in the Upper Midwest. There's so much to say, we can't even squeeze it all in here. For more information, visit our products page.

How do I find out more traits and maturities of your products?

Our product pages are set up with tables that allow you to search by trait and maturity to find the product that is best suited to your field. Find out more at the product pages.

What sort of seed treatments do you offer?

We offer a variety of seed treatments to help protect your investment from the ground up. Find out more here.

Hey, wait! I'm at the bottom of the FAQ and you didn't answer my question!

Shucks! We try our best to be exhaustive and thorough, but if we've missed your question give us a call or send us an email!

  • Toll Free: 800-678-3346
  • Phone: 605-854-3346
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