Dedicated. Loyal. Service-Oriented. Passionate.

A great place to work and a great place to do business.

That's President Glen Davis' goal for Legend Seeds. Not good. Great. That greatness is what drives our employees to work longer hours, to put in the extra effort, to answer the weekend calls, and to go above and beyond.

If being part of a team that celebrates when times are good, supports each other when things get hectic and embraces the concept of the "Legend Family" sounds like you, please click the button below to view current job openings or to submit a resume:

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Why Legend? Here's what our staff have to say!

"For me it is truly that we are an independent seed company with a staff that are second to none in terms of their passion to do their job right with the customer being the first priority."

Steven Resler, Regional Sales Manager

"Most definitely the people . We are not just co-workers and our dealers are not just customers. We truly treat each other like family and everyone genuinely cares for one and other."
Stacy Nuzum, Executive Coordinator

"We really are committed to bringing our customers the best in genetics, service and value. Maintaining our independence has allowed us to filter out and select the best options for those we serve and has given us the flexibility to meet the changing demands of our customers, but most importantly we have the people with the experience and the heart to do it. "
Maria Harvey, Legend Account Manager