Our greatest advantage at Legend Seeds
is that our growers do the
talking for us.

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Share with us your memorable experience this harvest season!

We want to hear about your Legendary experience this season in the field. From planting to harvest and every moment in between, Legend Seeds is dedicated toward providing the support, services, agronomics, products, and solutions to ensure you reach maximum potential on your acres. Your success is our success, and that’s why we want to hear from you!

Submit a quote or testimonial highlighting your Legend Advantage this past year, and we will send you a Legend Seeds Igloo Cooler as a token of our appreciation! Perfect for cold storage of your in-field meals while your on the go this season!

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How to participate:

  • Enter online: Fill out and submit the form on this page
  • Facebook @LegendSeeds: Submit your testimonial to us through Facebook direct message and include your name & mailing address.

Testimonials can include but are not limited to:

  • Service
  • Support
  • Yield from a specific hybrid or variety
  • Product performance
  • Overall Legend experience


  • Entrant may submit one or more entry of their Legend Advantage. Performance data is not required but encouraged.
  • Entrant must allow Legend Seeds to use their testimonial submission in future marketing literature.
  • Entrant with multiple submissions is eligible for one cooler during the harvest promotion.
  • Testimonial must be in relation to Legend Seeds products, solutions, services, or support.

Legend Advantage Entry Form

By submitting this entry, you agree to allow Legend Seeds to use your entry and testimonial in Legend Seeds branded marketing materials. Qualifying testimonials are at the discretion of Legend Seeds Marketing. Testimonial submissions should include minimum of 15 words in length. Legend Seeds retains the right to contact customer on any follow up questions regarding content submitted.

Legend Advantage Highlights:


I have been raising Legend corn and soybeans for the last 5 years and year after year they have been performing at high level!

Jeff Jordahl
LaMoure, ND


Legend has been my most consistent yielding corn and soybeans the last four years!

Brandon Hastings
Britton, SD


It was pretty remarkable with the year we had in 2019 to still achieve 200+ bu/acre!

Cody Miller
Wahpeton, ND



LS 5798 Conv. is the best corn I've planted. 200+ bushel per acre and 18% moisture for this year (2019) is unbelievable. Thank you Legend!

Darwin Soleta
Okabena MN


Legend Seeds has been a staple in our
farming operation for years. It's easy for competitors to brag up the good yields on good years, but we can say in good years
and in bad years that Legend Seeds has
been the top performing seed in our operation. They are a true
Trusted Partner!

KCM Partnership
Pierre, SD


We had a late year getting things in and we would normally plant a 2.0 soybean, but put in a 1.4 not knowing what to expect and our yield was the same as our 2.0 maturity, and we are pleased with the yields. We trust all the Legend soybean maturities in their portfolio.

Kenneth Jenkins
Belmond, IA