"We plant Legend Seeds because they give
us State Fair winning ears! We plant
different varieties and they always exceed our expectations. We get huge yields and ears!!"

Richard Schweer
Milbank, SD

"I never thought I would see 300 bushel corn."

Jerry Breth
Albany, MN

"This is the best yield we've ever seen on this farm! It looked great all season and performed this fall with extreme consistency."

Zane Erickson
Buffalo, ND

"With this variety, along with the Farmacology program provided by Legend Seeds, I nearly doubled my average yield on this particular field."

Arlyn Ceroll
Sisseton, SD

"Last time I planted soybeans was a competitor two years ago and they ran 35 bushels per acre. This year under tougher growing conditions, my Legend beans ran 45 bushels per acre."

Mike Kosanke
Menomonee Falls, WI

"27R542N is an amazing variety, it yielded 15 bu. better than the other beans on my farm. We only had 66/100th of rain in August and 27R542N dealt with the stress with terrific health and yield!"

Steve Burnett
Anselmo, NE

"9608 is going to be the best hybrid on my farm and its averaging 8-10 bushel better than the nearest competitor!"

Austin McMinimee
Denison, IA

If we didn't think we had the best products for your acres, we wouldn't sell it to you.

Legend Seeds' products are backed up by local research and a team of experts to ensure you are getting the best value for your investment.

But we know any company can claim to be the best. There's nothing that means more to a farmer than a recommendation over coffee at the location gas station on a Tuesday morning or casual bantering between buddies at the high school basketball game on Friday night. We understand the power of a neighbor's endorsement. So don't just take our word for it. See why others choose Legend year after year.


"I'll stick with them because of the yields and past performance. The dealer is actually growing the seed. I like that part. He's got to make a living on it too."

Perry Slagter
Prinsburg, MN

"They [my grandpa] said they could remember when he [Glen Davis] was selling seed corn out of his garage. Now, he has one of the largest regional companies across the nation."

John Blachford
DeSmet, SD