Depending on your goals and operation needs, we offer two Roundup Ready®, two conventional, and two blended alfalfa products.

HarvXtra® Alfalfa is the industry’s first genetically enhanced alfalfa technology developed to maximize quality compared to conventional alfalfa at the same stage of maturity, by reducing the amount of lignin in the plant. It gives growers the ability to better manage the yield-versus-quality tradeoff, and others more flexibility in cutting schedule to achieve improved forage quality or greater yield potential, when compared to conventional alfalfa at the same stage of maturity.

The Roundup Ready® Alfalfa system provides the opportunity to deliver unsurpassed weed control with superior crop safety, allowing you to grow more, higher-quality alfalfa.

Alfalfa Key:

HR = Highly Resistant Rating Scale Winterhardines Fall Dormancy Plant Height
R = Resistant 1 = Superior 1 = Excellent 1 = Very Dormant M = Medium
MR = Moderately Resistant 5 = Average 3 = Average 10 = Very Non-Dormant MT = Medium-Tall
S = Susceptible 10 = Poor 5 = Poor
NA = Not Available
Product DRI Regrowth Fall
Winterhardiness Anthracnose Aphanomyces
Race 1
Race 2