The power of choice: seed and biologicals
  • "I was amazed with how well Envita performed on my corn this fall. By spraying it foliar, I saw a 16 bushel increase in yield on my side by side check area!"

    Chad Rollofson
    Barrett, MN

  • "I went with all Legend corn this year and I believe this is probably one of my best corn crops ever!"

    Gary Maanum
    Alexandria, MN

  • "Very impressed with my yields with the IMPACT soybeans from Legend Seeds.  Best yields I have had in years!"

    Mark Walraven
    Essexville, MI

  • "Very happy with the products as well as the overall customer experience, look forward to what products they bring to our farm in the future."

    Brandon Windhorst
    Stanton, ND

Since 1990, Legend Seeds stands committed toward providing high yielding, consistent producing, top quality products that will perform on your acres and provide YOU with more profit potential than you can get anywhere else.

As a fiercely independent, regional seed leader, Legend Seeds is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our customers through three pillars: convenience, profitability, and value. We do this through our multi-brand strategy, focused on meeting the demand of our customers and not the demand of stakeholders. That’s the beauty of our independence. We are proud to offer unique solutions including seed treatments and biologicals, all backed by locally tested and proven results.

Products must EARN their way in to our lineup.



In 1990, Glen and Janet Davis started a seed company in De Smet, South Dakota. They wanted to provide local farmers with better products, better consistency, more customer service -- and ultimately more profit per acre! They also understood from the beginning, the only way for them to be successful was for their customers to be successful.

Today, Legend Seeds is an employee-owned independent regional seed leader, with a laser focus on providing the best products, services, and personalized support to ensure more profit potential.


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