Silage Corn

Legend Next Generation (LNG) Hybrids

Leafy & Floury: Legend Seeds was extremely proud to be the first seed company to bring you Dr. Francis Glenn’s next advancement in silage hybrid genetics in 2014. While using a simple research technique and biting the kernels to test for hardness and texture, Dr. Glenn discovered that the interior of the kernel in a recessive “floury” kernel is made entirely of white flour-type starch. The recessive “floury” genetics will express in up to 25% of the kernels on each ear; they are extremely soft and easily digestible. Because of this discovery and over a decade of breeding and research, Legend Next Generation hybrids offer dairy and livestock producers a quick, 30-day ensiling period and 10-12% more starch digestibility than a dual-purpose or grain hybrid. The addition of the Floury genetics to the already available Leafy silage hybrids created a dream hybrid for silage situations: Leafy and Floury!

Leafy Silage Hybrids

Silage varieties containing the Leafy genetics have eight or more leaves above the ear. The leaves above the ear contain less lignin than those below the ear. A dual-purpose hybrid is often significantly taller than a grain hybrid, but the ear placement sets our Leafy silage hybrids apart in terms of feed quality and digestibility. Leafy silage hybrids have 5-7% more starch digestibility than dual-purpose or grain hybrids. Leafy hybrids were discovered and later commercialized in 1985 by world-renowned silage researcher, Dr. Francis Glenn. Today’s Leafy hybrids also contain traits, making them a great option for corn-on-corn situations often faced by dairy and livestock producers.

In addition to these silage hybrids, we offer a complete lineup of dual-purpose hybrids, clearly marked in the corn products section with the dual-purpose image shown.

New this year, we offer a select lineup of certified non-GMO hybrids. These products are marked with the certified non-GMO image shown on the product tech sheets.


Rating Scale: Ear Type: Plant Height: Flowering:
10 = Superior HR = Highly Resistant FF = Full Flex MT = Medium Tall 10 = Very Early
5 = Average R = Resistant S = Semi-determinant/Semi-flex T = Tall
1 = Very Late
1 = Poor


Maturity Range

Min: Max:



Product Maturity Flowering Emergence Plant