Locally Proven

How do we recommend locally proven products for your farm?

Three ways:

1. Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P.)
2. Knowledge Plots
3. On-Farm Trials

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Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P.):

Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P.) is our proprietary, in-house research program. It validates data on hybrid genetic performance over time and agronomic placement. Our L.E.A.P. plots are used for product evaluation, selection, and positioning on the right soil type and in the right geography to consistently deliver high value products to growers. Since 2014, we’ve conducted 89,974 replicated corn trials across 74 locations. As a result of our rigorous testing, we advance only the elite hybrids into our line-up, averaging 19 new products per year out of the thousands we tested.

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A quick look at the Farm Nutrients 2016 Knowledge Plot in Rembrandt, IA.

Knowledge Plots™:

Legend Seeds’ Knowledge Plots™ are our educational plots designed to showcase our products, new technologies, seed treatments, and agronomic practices. These plots allow growers to have a local, hands-on experience with products and see various production practices. Step into the know, talk to your local Legend Seeds dealer or representative today about attending a Knowledge Plot event near you or scheduling a private tour.

On-Farm Trials:

Like most seed companies, we’ve been conducting on-farm trials since day one. It’s the foundation of getting-to-know how a product performs in your backyard. Visit our Plot Data page to see how our products perform in your area.