We invest in local testing and have conducted more than 94,150 replicated corn trials since 2014.  Products must earn their way in to our lineup by providing a proven track record, fulfilling a need, and most importantly, proving their profit potential.

To provide you with confidence in our locally proven portfolio, we offer a number of additional resources which include:


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We know that your growing environment needs something different than what is required in the next county. That is why we are focused on testing a wide array of products and solutions to ensure we understand performance across a multitude of growing conditions. Our extensive lineup helps you place the right seed on the right acres. Visit our Plot  Data page and Corn Silage Plot Data page to learn more about how our products perform in your area.


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To ensure success, we recognize that support is critical. Legend Sales Agronomists are passionate about knowing the characteristics of each product from planting to harvest. You can rely on them to walk along side you for training and product knowledge in your specific area. In addition, Legend dealers and growers have access to visit any of our Knowledge Plots or training plots located across our footprint throughout the growing season.


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Follow along in our summer Crop Talk Moments series where our agronomists breakdown their local expertise and highlight in-season product performance: