Virtual Plot Tour: Harvey, ND

Harvey.pngOur Harvey Plot is located approximately 2 miles northwest of Harvey off Highway 52 on the left side of the road. The plot includes corn hybrids ranging from 80-103 day, soybean varieties ranging from 0.05-0.3 RM, and biological trials. 

Below you will find agronomic information for each product in this plot that is a fit for this geography.  Be sure to check back throughout the growing season as we add video updates from our agronomists to see how these products are performing. 

Additional Plot Info:

  Soil Type: Sandy Loam
  Date Planted: May 24th, 2022
  Previous Crop: Soybeans
  Corn Planting Population: 32,000
  Tillage: Conventional



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Corn Hybrids


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2283 VT2P RIBCornerstone Product logo.png

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Power Plus® 8T386AM™*

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Soybean Varieties





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