Sep 20, 2021, 10:00 AM

Legend Seeds Acquires Kussmaul Seed Company

Legend Seeds is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Kussmaul Seed Company out of Mount Hope, Wisconsin. The acquisition enables Legend Seeds to grow business within and outside of their existing footprint.

“The acquisition of the Kussmaul Seed Company business fits well with Legend Seeds because of the shared pride in independence and similar philosophies on the importance of looking across all germplasm suppliers to find the products to meet specific grower needs,” said Jim Germscheid, Legend Seeds Sales Lead.

Focused on corn seed production and sales, the long-standing Kussmaul Seed Company was first started in 1934 by Rud and Al Kussmaul. Since then, the company was purchased by family member, Paul Klinkhammer, son-in-law of Al Kussmaul. Kussmaul Seed Company sells seed in 13 states with distributors located on the east and west coast.

Under terms of the agreement, Legend Seeds will acquire the Kussmaul Seeds brand and retail sales rights of Kussmaul Seed Company across their 13-state footprint, including the existing Kussmaul distributor network.

Legend Seeds will work with Kussmaul staff and dealers to begin a collaborative transition and will carry forward many of the products previously offered through the Kussmaul brand within Legend’s existing brand portfolio. The Kussmaul brand will continue to be utilized for sale of specialty products such as the existing Kussmaul Organic corn seed portfolio.

“As an independent regional seed leader, we are proud to provide customers with flexibility and choice by accessing the best genetics and traits for customers through our multi-brand strategy. We look forward to extending this unique position we have in the marketplace and diverse portfolio selection on to the Kussmaul customer base,” said Tim Bratland, Legend Seeds President.