Oct 5, 2021, 9:00 AM

Low Mu Tech announces a new distribution agreement with Legend Seeds

Low Mu Tech, the patent owners of Dust™ announce a new distribution agreement to work with Legend Seeds Inc. and Yield Masters Solutions, of De Smet, SD. “Working with leading seed and biological providers aligns with our principle to provide innovative solutions to common problems farmers face,” said Brian Tulley, Managing Partner of Low Mu Tech.

Legend Seeds Inc. and Yield Master Solutions now are offering Low Mu Tech’s patented micro-plastic free planter box seed lubricant. Allowing them to bring exciting innovations of seed lubricants, seed applied technologies, and other planter box applied solutions to their dealers and customers across a broad geographic area.

“This alliance is more than the sum of its parts,” said Tulley. “Low Mu Tech is excited for the strength of both companies working together to provide outstanding products to seed companies, seed treaters and farmers alike. This agreement springs from the strength of considerable investment in practical research and development for farmers seeking alternatives that are safe for the farmer, made from US soy, and microplastic-free.”

“As a fiercely independent seed provider of corn and soybean seed genetics in the country, we continue to look for innovative ways to add value to our dealers and customers,” states Tim Bratland, President of Legend Seeds Inc. and Yield Master Solutions. “The Cleaner. Safer. Soy™ Dust product from Low Mu Tech is one of those ways. We appreciate the safety of the product, the research behind it, and how farmers are rapidly accepting this alternative to dirty talc and graphite. In the future, we see other key components added to this dry delivery system that will enhance our seed offerings and make it more than a seed lubricant. We strive to be ahead of the curve as these technologies are introduced.”

Low Mu Tech, Legend Seeds Inc., and Yield Masters Solutions have a network of dealers and distributors across much of the United States that are able to provide sales and service in those markets. Interested parties are encouraged to contact them for additional information.

Low Mu Tech of Calamus, Iowa is the innovator of the “Cleaner. Safer. Soy™ a patented alternative for graphite and talc known as Dust™. Legend Seeds Inc. and Yield Master Solutions of De Smet, SD are leading providers of unique seed solutions and innovative biological seed treatments.

To learn more about Dust, visit yieldmastersolutions.com/portfolio/dust