What is the Yield Advantage Club?

The Legend Yield Advantage Club was created to recognize and celebrate outstanding yields of Legend Seeds products. The club consists of producers and growers that have experienced the Legend Advantage on their acres.

In addition to bragging rights, participants receive a cap and plaque recognizing their outstanding yields. Plus, coming from a small town ourselves we understand how important giving back to the community is. All the growers who enter will be put into a drawing for a donation to be given in their name to the charity or organization of their choice. For example, your local FFA Chapter or 4-H Club. A $300 donation will be awarded to two yield club members in each state shown after the first of the year.

If you're interested in joining the club, the entry form will be available again on this page at harvest time. Please stop by next fall to sign up for 2018!


2017 Harvest Highlights

Another successful Legend Seeds harvest has come and gone again! Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from the 2017 growing season from our Yield Advantage Club entries:

Amazed at how God and Legend Seeds continues to make our farm profitable. Thank you Legend Seeds.

Matt Kranz
Watertown, SD

I have had 247 bushels before on the lower part of this field in a strip for our county yield contest, but never had the whole field average 247!

Hybrid: LR 9608 GENSSRIB

Darwin Niehaus
Greene, IA

Legends Seeds continues to impress me year after year with their dependable, high yielding products!

Brady Coleman
Oakes, ND

I ran a split planter with the LR 9600
and P9840 in a couple fields
and a plot. In my plot, the 9600 ran
almost 20bu. better than the Pioneer
hybrid did. Side by side in 2 different
fields, the 9600 stood great and was consistently 10bu. better than the
Pioneer hybrid, which went down
really bad at harvest.

Stephen Gayari
Pigeon, MI

If my father or grandfather were alive
today they would be astonished
by these yields. Living along Lake
Michigan, it isn't the easiest
growing corn, but my 9495VT2 yielded 237.34! I'm very pleased with Legend
and their superior lineup of

Rich Back
Sheboygan Falls, WI

The Legend LibertyLink beans really
showed when compared to the Hefty
bean of the same maturity. There was
a 5 bu/ac difference to Legend's benefit! These beans not only yielded better,
but had emerged better last spring too. Definitely going to use Legend
LibertyLink beans again.

Randy Petersen
Centerville, SD

I’ve planted Legend Seeds LNG 9505 RR for three years. Every year when I switch from my dual-purpose corn silage to my LNG corn silage pile, I get a 2-3 pound per day increase in milk production and an increase in protein to fat components. I love the wide harvest window. The custom cutter came 10 days later than we wanted and the silage test still came back at 65% moisture.

Roger Sprakel
Crofton, NE

Unbelievable silage corn! It’s great to be able to walk into a field and have 15-16 foot tall corn and have at least two big cobs hanging off each stalk 6 ft off the ground and knowing you’re going to have enough feed for your cows! I really like the long harvest window for this hybrid, especially if you have a breakdown and will still have time to get up quality feed in a reasonable time!

Hybrid: LNG 9595 RR

Zeb Johnson
Brook Park, MN

I put 9410 GENSSRIB up on the top of "the big hill" on my Preston farm. Now it’s thin soil up there. I mean thin. Putting on anhydrous, you get to go about two ceiling tiles deep and that's it or you’re in the limestone. The 9410 was spot on. Couldn't believe it. 58 lb test weight. Even as could be. We pulled 18 round ears off of spots that had enough rock showing to fill a skid loader bucket in a 20' circle. That was planted just before June. Imagine what if it would have had a full season!! If I could add a little; Hats off to Legend and their research team. Their corn is geared to produce.

Patrick Schwarz
Bryant, IA

2017 Yield Advantage Club Book